Dirt Booster
Create SUPER COMPOST for Amazing Garden Soil in Only 7 Days, or use on TURF to add carbon and natural organic matter.

DirtBooster ™ creates SUPER POWERFUL, NATURAL,  NUTRIENT RICH, compost that is then added to your gardens.  You no longer need to use fertilizers or any other additives to have amazing results. PROVEN results are amazing. 


Lawns and Turf

dirtbooster soil booster

No more waiting months and months for your compost pile.  With Dirt Booster ™ you’ll have amazingly rich garden compost in about 7-12 days.

No more fertilizers or chemicals, all natural.

Adds BIOCHAR and Humic Acid via HUMICHAR

Contains corn distillates for organic matter.

Molasses particles help feed soil microbes

Includes microbe booster pack.

When you add Dirt Booster ™ to your garden compost the entire soil environment changes.  Your soil comes alive with good microbes, bacteria, and fungus.  The fertility of the soil will increase 100% and it will hold enough nutrients for the entire growing season.  

Controlled Testing on New Seedlings

dirtbooster seed test

 The entire year of 2020 was devoted to testing the formulation of Dirt Booster ™ to find the perfect mix of organic matter, biochar, and humic acid.  See the lab testing.

The tomato plants below were purchased at a Walmart clearance and were unhealthy and only 8″ tall.  After planting in the Dirt Booster ™ soil, they exploded in growth.

dirt booster tomatoes