Dirt Booster ™ Results in Veggie Gardens

ZERO Fertilizer Used – Just Dirt Booster ™

Want to garden naturally?  Dirt Booster ™ creates a SUPER COMPOST that can be mixed into your garden soil. It is FULL of nutrients and very high in GOOD soil microbes.  It adds BIOCHAR and Humic Acid.  During our testing we used ZERO fertilizers and just used the compost.  The results were amazing.

Side by Side Growth Test 

dirtbooster seed test

Tomatoes grown only in Dirt Booster in a small raised bed garden.

Late season lettuce grow only using Dirt Booster.

Mixed veggies grown only in Dirt Booster soil.

Below… after only 12 weeks we harvested 40 pounds of RED tomatoes from 6 plants.  Then after first frost in November, we pulled the rest of the green tomatoes. 72 lbs.