Dirt Booster Instructions

Important 2023 Information 
Please Read

The all new Dirt Booster PLUS has replaced the old DirtBooster. Dirt Booster Plus now has the good microbes and good fungi already mixed in.  There is no longer a supplemental spray pack. Simply mix into soil, make compost, or apply to the lawn. That’s it. One bag will treat 5000 – 7000 sq feet of lawn.


“It’s actually fun to watch.”

Dirt Booster ™ contains concentrated, clean, corn based organic matter, molasses particles, BIOCHAR, and Humic Acid.  Inside the Dirt Booster ™ bag is also a small packet of microbial booster.   

First, what these do…

Corn Distillates Concentrate –  This is the main organic matter that the microbes eat / breakdown.  Once this process happens nutrients are released as well as the humification process remains. The particles are very small and flaky vs other organic material that is larger and takes longer to breakdown.

Molasses Particles – Organic matter that breaks down, plus soil microbes love molasses.

BIOCHARbiochar is the most important discovery in agriculture over the past 200 years.  It is pure carbon processed in such a matter that it holds nutrients, water, and soil microbes.  Biochar never breaks down. It remains in your soil for 300 years.  It is “green friendly”. Watch and read our videos.

Humic Acid – Humic acid helps your soil HOLD onto nutrients and helps plant roots deliver those nutrients to the plant.

You are creating Super Compost, not planting soil.

The super compost that Dirt Booster ™ produces can be VERY high in nutrients.  (See Clemson Testing Results) You take this super compost and mix in in your garden in the full area that your plant’s roots will grow.  If you plant directly in the super compost you may get some “burning” due to the high nutrient levels.

Before You Start…

Your pile may not become active if your base soil / compost is too cold.  Microbes and Fungus like to reproduce in 80+ degree environment. We recommend you let your soil sit in the sun and warm up prior to making your pile.  

Step #1 – Mix Microbe Booster

Mix your microbe booster pack in WARM (not hot) water. Tap water is fine and will not impact the results.  Put into a spray bottle or CLEAN spray tank. (Spray tank works best.) Mix one small MINI pack with 1/2 to 1 gallon of water. (Varies based on amount of compost.)

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Step #2 – Get you DIRT… Ready

We like to use a Black Kow manure compost but a  bag of plain garden soil can be used. Both can be bought at Home Depot or Lowes.

It’s IMPORTANT to make sure the DIRT or COMPOST you’re using is a warm temp or just not COLD. 

Microbes and fungi don’t become ACTIVE at low temps. So set your bags in the sun and let them warm up. 70+ degrees is usually fine.  

Step #3 – Start layering

Make layers of the “dirt” about 1″ – 2″ thick.  Then apply a good amount of Dirt Booster.  Spray lightly with a misting hose nozzle. This helps the HUMICHAR biochar break down.  Now spray with the microbe booster and cover completely.  REPEAT.   Keep repeating this action over and over until you have the amount of compost you want.  Let this sit for about 30 minutes, then mix.  Form a pile and make a small hole for venting.  

The action starts…

You may see WHITE MOLD (below) on and in the pile.  This is GOOD decomposition and breakdown.  The temp of the pile will start to rise in 24 hours and may hit as high as 130 degrees depending on the mix you use.  Most will see temps in the 100 – 120 range. Gently turn the pile every 48 hours and lightly mist with water as you do this.  You do NOT want mud, just a lightly moist pile.  If it gets too wet oxygen won’t reach the process. 

What if it fails to activate?

If after 24 hours you see temps not rising, remix the pile and spray again with the microbe booster.  What may cause pile to not active? Cold temps, too wet, lack of oxygen. Soil microbes don’t like cold weather (watch that video) and will not become ACTIVE until soil temps reach near 65 degrees. We suggest you layout dirt in the sunshine, then when warm try again.  Do NOT make MUD. The material should feel like damp soil but still be rather loose. 

When it’s Ready…

Once the pile cools down (usually in 7 days) you can mix the compost into your garden and around plants.