DirtBooster Applied to Lawns and Turf

Lawns and turf in general never get any organic matter added to them since we are only growing “one crop”. (Grass)  The soil is very poor quality and both the carbon and organic content is very low.  Our goal with adding DirtBooster to the turf is NOT to see a “stimulated response” like we might see with a fertilizer.  Instead it’s a long-term goal of improving the soil. 

One 20 lb bag will cover roughly 4000 – 5000 sq ft.  Set your spreader gaps to roughly 3/16″ to start. Mix the microbe back with warm tap water and apply to the entire treated area.  Run irrigation system after applying all. 

Why we add DirtBooster to Turf 

Testing Dirt Booster in Spreaders and on Lawns

Part of  a two year testing trial which includes adding various organic matters to lawns and turf in combination with carbon.